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Forest Gate Festival

Constance Irkles    (1/10)

Hula star par excellence!

Godwin School Choir    (2/10)

Outstanding sounds!

Magic mushroom    (3/10)

Captivating cardsharp!

Hula Schooler    (4/10)

Constance passes on her great skills

Bridie the tea lady    (5/10)

Walked off her feet!!!

Dan the balloon man    (6/10)

Danny Schlesinger warms up for his balloon show

Dodger the tightrope walker ...    (7/10)

scolds his helpers and delights the audience

Top brass    (8/10)

The Evidents' trombone and trumpet section

Fretting with a Les Paul    (9/10)

Don't Worry - Be Happy

Rockabilly    (10/10)

Blues unplugged

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