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Forest Gate Festival July 2013

Festival acts   (1/14)

On yer bike ....!

Festival acts   (2/14)

Getting fired up

Festival acts   (3/14)

Monocycling firebrand

Festival acts   (4/14)

Camilla standing tall

Festival acts    (5/14)

Head and shoulders above the crowd

Festival acts    (6/14)

Bubbling for the WI

Festival acts   (7/14)

Man in a box finds his feet

Festival acts    (8/14)

Eastern charm

Festival acts    (9/14)

Ecuadorian Dancers get ready

Festival acts   (10/14)

Milky Onions lead guitar

Festival acts    (11/14)

Sweet violin

Festival acts    (12/14)

Getting into the spirit of things

Festival acts    (13/14)

Elvis looks from on high

Festival acts    (14/14)

With the Samba Troupe

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