The Olympics site in pictures, then and now

Click on the button-links below to display pairs of images taken from roughly the same spot five years ago and now. These photographs capture some of the changes that have taken place in and around what is now the Olympic Park.

Before construction of the site began, Newham sponsored a series of walks around it and the earlier photos shown here were taken during the last of these walks in June 2007. The left-hand map below shows the site as it was then proposed (and the walk-route is marked by red footprints). Pylons and power lines have been added to this map to help identify locations.The later photos were taken in and around the site during August 2012 and the right-hand map, showing the site as it is in 2012, has been derived from a current Google map.

The maps are reproduced after each pair of images, with a small camera icon to show the location of the photo and an arrow to indicate the aspect.

(Click the button-links to view the images. To remove images, simply reload the page.)

Proposed Olympic site - 2007                                                        Olympic site - 2012