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Forest Gate Festival July 2013

Festival people   (1/15)

What do you think about the Old Spotted Dog closure?

Festival people   (2/15)

Surveying the scene

Festival people   (3/15)

Writers reign

Festival people   (4/15)

Enjoying the sun

Festival people    (5/15)

Sharing a joke

Festival people    (6/15)

Looking for lunch

Festival people   (7/15)


Festival people   (8/15)

What would Scooby Do?

Festival people    (9/15)

Passing on the word

Festival people    (10/15)

Never lose sight of your dreams

Festival people   (11/15)

Crowning glory

Festival people    (12/15)

Quiet contemplation

Festival people    (13/15)

Keeping cool

Festival people    (14/15)

Getting focused

Festival people    (15/15)

Watching the festivities

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